Friday, July 22, 2011

Doctors and Weatherpeople

I got up pretty early this morning, so had some time to do some channel surfing. As I was flipping through the channels, I came across several weather reports. As I was watching it struck me as interesting that these forecasts are news. Everyone knows that they aren't always completely accurate, but after hearing these reports or reading them in the newspaper, how do we usually talk about the weather? It's going to be hot on Thursday. It's going to rain all weak. A storm is coming. We've all somehow become clairvoyant. =)

Predictions somehow become fact. But why? Weatherpeople don't have ESP, they can't predict the future, no more than the average person. But based on science and what they know of weather patterns, they can predict what probably will happen. But are they always 100% right on? No.

So what's my point? Well, on the way back from the hospital today, I realized that there is a link between doctors and weatherpeople. Well, several links actually. First, both doctors and weatherpeople are scientists. They study science and use their knowledge to better the lives of others. Second, neither doctors nor weatherpeople are psychic, yet very often, they are called upon to predict the future. And how do they predict the future, they base it on research and what has happened in the past.

The work that doctors and weatherpeople do are very important. Because of their knowledge and research, they can often circumvent or warn people about catastrophes. They can help people prepare for and perhaps even avoid tragedy.

But I think one thing I realized today, is that as knoweldgeable and professional as doctors are, they are not God. They can only tell us what might happen based on what they've seen in the past. And thankfully, our doctors are good about explaining to us. They tell us they can't really predict exactly what will happen with Alicia, because each child is different.

So I've been learning the key to our time in the NICU is that whenever doctors deliver bad news about what may or may not be in the future, to take it as direction on how to pray. I think my problem comes when I start receiving eveything they say as fact and as a definite determination of what Alicia's future will hold. Only God really knows. So we keep trusting in him.

And Alicia is continuing to do so well! She's up to 926 grams (2.04 pounds)today. She slept for most of our visit this morning, which is good. She can save her energy for getting bigger and stronger. Her nurse this morning was really chatty, which we like. She told us that all the nurses think that Alicia is the prettiest girl in our NICU. =) heehee. She kept cooing over Alicia's big eyes, long fingers and legs. She thinks she might be a heartbreaker in the future. Haha. We'll have to watch out for that.

Thanks for all of your prayers, friends. Keep them coming! Alicia will come home to be with us soon and very soon and that's not just a forecast. This is the truth!


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  1. hi linda and campbell! I found your blog and am so moved by what you guys have been and are going through. I am praying for alicia! may God's grace and power continue to carry your family especially little alicia.

    -eunice hui