Thursday, August 30, 2012

Her Eyes

Hey Friends,

When you get the chance, would you please pray for Alicia's eyes?

Linda took Alicia to see the eye doctor today for a followup appointment. According to him, Alicia has some degree of myopia or nearsightedness of about 400-500. And I've noticed this too at home, that when I'm far away from her, she doesn't seem to be able to see me. Sometimes, I'll sit far away from her, and I'll call her name, and she will respond, but not by looking at me. She'll kind of look around to try to find where I am. And I'm not hiding in any way, I'm just sitting far away from her. This doesn't concern me too much, since most Asians grow up wearing glasses or corrective lenses so that's not the end of the world. Besides, I think kids with glasses are cute. =D Of course, ideally, she won't need any glasses at all, and will have perfect vision, because no matter what, glasses or contacts do get to be burdensome at times.

The one thing  the doctor is slightly concerned about is that he noticed when Alicia looks at things up close, her right eye doesn't seem to move to the right very well, resulting in her being a bit cross-eyed. He says if this condition doesn't improve, it may require surgery to correct the positioning of her eye. Not simply laser surgery, but actually physical surgery that re-positions the eyeball.

Naturally, any time we hear the word surgery, especially for a child so young, our hearts cringe and get heavy. But my belief is that Alicia will be fine. We prayed and will continue to pray, and we believe that every part of Alicia's life and body is in God's hands. He's got her.

So we're praying and believing that she won't need this surgery and that God will restore her vision to 20/20. =D  

So please pray with us, and for us as this is another aspect of Alicia's development that we will need to monitor and continue to follow up on. Ask God to give Linda's Momma's heart peace that Alicia will be A-Okay! =D

Thanks, friends.


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