Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Free At Last

Our dear little girl is finally free of all ties that bind! Today the last of her tubes, her feeding tube, was finally, finally removed! Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!

Yesterday, she was able to take 5 out of 8 feedings by mouth all on her own, so they felt that it was time to time to pull out the last remaining crutch and set her free. Alicia's been making a lot of progress in the eating department and she's getting better and better at sucking, swallowing and breathing. Daddy's so proud of his little girl. =) Another reason they took out the tube was because they also felt that it was obstructing her ability to get a good suck. So now it'll be up to our little girl to eat on her own. No more excess aids to help her. =) And this was only two days after we tried breastfeeding her. Amazing!

Today was her first full day of eating on her own. The nurse Linda spoke with in the evening said that Alicia did really well eating her first meal of the day on her own. The second meal, Linda was there to breastfeed, so Alicia didn't actually finish her whole bottle. By the third meal though, Alicia kind of lost steam. She only at about half of her milk. We think it was because she was too tired. But it's OK. She can try again tomorrow. =)

This is such an exciting time. Our little girl is coming home soon, I can feel it. I really can. It's so nice to be out of the deep and into the shallow, and soon to be coming out of the water. People who have seen Alicia recently have remarked on how much she looks like a normal baby now. Which is so true!

It's like I said before, it's reality catching up with faith. Many, many of you have been praying for us every day for three and a half months. I hope that our journey together has really encouraged you! It's certainly encouraged us.

Our God is a good God. He is a faithful God. His ways are infinitely higher than our ways. While we don't understand everything he does, we trust and we believe that he has his greater purpose in mind, and he has our best in mind.

Let the celebration continue! Our little girl is THRIVING!

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