Monday, September 26, 2011

The Last Minute Scramble

Why do I always put things off until the last minute?

My night was spent shopping for some last minute items for Alicia's nursery, towels, a changing pad, a mosquito net, a nail clipper, random things for my princess. =) Things are coming together nicely in the house. We're truly preparing for the grand homecoming of Princess Alicia and Queen Linda.

One thing to pray about is for continued protection over Alicia's health. There is a virus going around right now, and many of the kiddies in the SBR are sick because of it. In order to protect Alicia, they've kept her in the incubator, even though at this point, she technically can be out. Today, however, they noticed that she had a bit of a stuffy nose. It isn't confirmed yet if she has a cold, but they did do a mouth culture and a chest X-ray to double check. The X-ray looked normal, so that's a good sign. We'll need to wait until tomorrow to find out the results of the swab. Praying for an all-clear and a for a smooth discharge on Friday.

Crazy thing is that originally the hospital had talked about discharging Alicia today, Monday, September 26. But because Linda is living on her own right now, she asked them if they could delay it a few days until her sister was back so that she could have some help at home.

The plan as of now is to get Alicia out of the hospital, then Linda and Alicia will stay an extra week with her sister before we move them both back to our house. This gives Linda time to adjust to being Alicia's full-time caregiver, and also let's her have some help during that first crucial week while I'm at work. Also, Linda's sister's house is closer to the hospital so in case anything happens, it'll be easier to get back to the hospital from there.

I think I mentioned in a previous entry awhile ago about feeling gipped of the excitement and anticipation of a normal delivery. The beautiful thing is that I think it's being redeemed. I find myself eager with anticipation of bringing our daughter home. I'm eagerly preparing the house, I'm wondering what our life will be like together. It's good!

One request I do have for you loved ones is please be patient with us as we adjust to life with Alicia. We'll need some time to figure out a schedule and also to just get used to being parents before we are ready for any visitors. Also, as much as I would LOVE, LOVE to throw a HUGE lavish celebration and party welcoming Alicia and Linda home. I think that may need to wait for a few months while Alicia gets bigger and stronger and her immune system gets more solid. We've been told several times from doctors and nurses and also other resources that we need to keep Alicia away from enclosed public spaces for awhile to reduce the risk of contracting anything. So, please be patient. We will celebrate, it'll just need to be a little later. So if we aren't sending out invitations right away telling people to come over and meet Alicia, please understand that it's not that we're trying to be rude, but that we're trying to protect her and do what's best for her. The last thing we want is to come this far, get her out of the hospital only to land right back.

We really do want people to meet her, especially since you guys have all been praying for her for so long. But we will need time. So please be patient just for a bit longer!

Thanks friends.

Lots and lots of love.


  1. So exciting, and amazing that you are at this point! That sounds really wise to have some time away from the hospital in Taichung as a transitional step. You guys are very wise parents! And I do hope people will be understanding about any precautions you guys need to take for Alicia's help. I've seen some signs for the front door and for the stroller/car seat ("Please wash your hands before touching mine" ;)). I don't know if those would be helpful (and you'd need to add the Chinese) but they politely alert people to necessary precautions before they get too close. and there's two other things I'll email you.

  2. Just found your blog through facebook Linda - you guys are amazing and your example is so faith building for me. I am mesmerized reading about it all (and probably should stop stalking you back to May eh?), you guys will be in our family's prayers here on out! Take care babe.