Thursday, June 16, 2011


Just got a call from the hospital. Something I hoped I'd never get.

The doctors after observing Alicia feel that her heart condition really isn't doing well and that her heart is getting closer and closer to failure, so they've notified the surgeon and asked him to come take a look.

They've asked Linda and I to head over to the hospital so that the surgeon can explain the procedure to us and then have us sign the surgery permission/waver form.

Of course, our hearts are burdened upon hearing this news. But on the other hand, my heart also is rejoicing and has peace. I believe that this surgery, while scary, is going to be what will help our Alicia to start getting better sooner. I believe once they close off this PDA that she will finally be able to start getting stronger and healthier.

Please be in prayer with us. Alicia has already been through so much, and our Heavenly Father has carried her this far. We believe that's he's going to see her through. Pray for the surgeons hands. Pray that there would be no complications. Pray that Alicia would heal quickly and that there would be no pain.

Pray for complete health and life!


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