Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ultimate 3-D

I was just thinking the other day how originally we had an appointment to see the doctor this Friday for a 3-D ultrasound so we could catch a glimpse of our precious daughter in utero. But I guess Daddy God and our daughter had other plans.

Now, each day, twice a day we get the ultimate 3-D experience, where we not only get to see our precious daughter, but touch her and speak to her. And we get to see the miracle of life take place before our eyes. No more do we have to wait for our monthly obstetrician visits to catch blurry black and white images of our daughter. We can now see her, feel her and be with her in living color and flesh.

I think one of the highlights of my day has to be when I get to reach into my princess' chambers and hold her hand. I just feel so connected to my little girl in those moments. Truly, truly priceless.

Today I picked up our daughter's birth certificate in English and Chinese. So I guess she's now officially ours. =)

In other news, baby continues to breathe better and better. This evening when we went to see her, her respirator was down to 15 breaths a minute. She's doing so well! She had some new "accessories" that we weren't too fond of. But we believe that they are what will help her to get better and better faster and faster.

She also got her first "haircut" today because they needed to insert a tube into her head so that they could perform tests in the future. The nurses were nice enough to save us some tufts of her hair, so we were able to take a little bit of our daughter back to the room with us.

So thankful, so thankful. God is with us. We know.

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  1. Wow, that IS the ultimate 3D! I'm glad they saved you some hair from her first haircut. Very thoughtful. :) That can go in her baby book!