Thursday, October 27, 2011


There is something about our little girl that just draws people to her and attracts attention.

Linda kind of gets a little annoyed by it, but for some reason, whenever we're out with Alicia, people will always come over and want to look at her and then they'll ask Linda questions about her, or they'll make comments about her.

Nearly every day this past week, a complete stranger will stop in front of Alicia's window, and out of all the babies in the room, they'll pick her out and comment about how her skin is so white, or her eyes are so big, or she's so active. And then they'll proceed to ask us all sorts of questions about her.

It sounds like I'm boasting, but what is there for me to boast about? Her skin tone, her eyes, her being active, none of this is by my doing. I've barely had her for a month, so it's not by my great parenting skills that any of this has happened. It's all by God's grace, to him be the glory.

I tell you, our daughter is meant to do some great things in this world. She's already got a natural charisma about her, and all she does is eat, poop and sleep.

The other day, I was at a friend's party, and my friend, Kaylah, introduced me to one of her best friends from home. Usually when people introduce me to their friends or family members, they'll say, "This is my friend, Campbell." or "This is my coworker, Campbell." Instead, Kaylah said, "This is Campbell. He's Alicia's dad." That was the first time, I've ever been introduced as "Alicia's dad." It caught me a little off guard, because no one's ever introduced me that way before, but I kind of liked it. I was like, "Cool! My daughter is more well known than me! Love it!" =)

We've prayed from before she was born that Alicia would impact nations, and it looks like God is already answering that prayer in a major way.

What I love is that Alicia is impacting the world simply by being alive. It's not because she's particularly skilled at anything or especially talented in any way yet. It's just because she is a miracle of God, and she is just doing what she knows how to do best - LIVE.

I wonder if that's all we really need to do to impact the world around us. LIVE. So often, I think we complicate things. We think we need to do this and that, but do you know why Alicia is special? Because she's Alicia. There is no one else in the world like her.

As my friend, Jeff, reminded me last night, there's no one in the world better than me, and no one in the world better than you, because there is only ONE me, and only ONE you. You are an original masterpiece. No one else can be you better than you.

So we just need to live our lives as originals, and stop living as copies. Stop trying to be someone else, when that's not who you're created to be.

Alicia doesn't know how to be anyone else but herself. And just by living and being herself, she's impacting lives.

Let's not muddle up who God's created us to be by trying to be someone we're not.

I guess the question lies, "Who are we supposed to be?" Well, that's something only God can answer for you! But the question is, will you take the time to seek him and figure it out?

I will. Will you join me?

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