Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Daughter!

So when I left off on my last post, I was waiting outside the NBC, well, before I could finish typing my last sentence, the head nurse came out of the NBC and told me that I could go in and see Alicia. I quickly stuffed my computer into my bag and followed the nurse into the NBC, and then proceeded to do the all too familiar rituals of hand-washing and putting on the hospital gown.

Once I was ready, the nurse led me into the room where Linda and Alicia already were. When Alicia was placed into my arms, the tears just started to stream. I so missed my little girl. Alicia squirmed and started to cry a bit as I held her. I don't know if she was uncomfortable with the way I was holding her, or if she was crying because she really missed me too, maybe it was both, but it took awhile for her to settle down. But once she did, she promptly fell asleep and Linda and I just sat there for a precious 15 minutes with our little girl.

The time ended all too quickly, and before I knew it it was time to put her back into her plastic bassinet and Linda and I needed to leave.

Linda told me later that the reason I was able to go in at all was because she was really talking me up to the nurse. She told her that we share child care duties equally between the two of us, and that I feed Alicia as much as she does. I have a great wife. She really pushed to get me in to see our daughter.

While I have to admit part of me does enjoy having the freedom of just Linda and I once again. It just doesn't feel the same as it did before Alicia. Now even when it is just the two of us, part of our minds and hearts are always with her.

The doctor said that she wants to keep Alicia in the hospital for a week. And while, as I mentioned, I am thankful for the chance to rest, it just kills me that my contact with Alicia is so restricted and so limited. My heart tells me that she needs her Mom and Dad. It frustrates me that we can't be there with her but for certain times.

But as a friend of ours reminded us, visiting hours do not apply God. He is there with her all the time and ultimately she is his child, and he is and will continue to take care of her and be her comfort. =)

This is just temporary, we shall have our little girl back with us soon and very soon.

Pray for us as we continue on this journey.


  1. I'm so glad you had the chance to hold her, and so thankful that our God is not limited by rules and policies! Sending tons of love.

  2. I love your wife too! What a great story and example of honoring/respecting your husband. That's great. This kind of situation could easily drive a wedge between you two--or bring you closer. I'm so glad it seems to be the latter! And I love too, the reminder that God can always be with her even when you can't.