Monday, October 3, 2011

Big Day

Today is the day! I sit here with a mix of excitement, joy and nervousness.

I have no idea what this day will hold nor do I know what life with our little Alicia will be like.

It's already been a full morning as we had to go back to the first hospital Linda checked into the day before Alicia was born to get some paperwork. In a few minutes, we'll be heading off to the hospital to check our daughter out and bring her home.

My head is swirling with a hundred thoughts. Do we have everything? Did we forget anything? What do we need to do at the hospital? How do I coordinate everyone who's coming to see us off? How do we transfer all of our stuff from one car to the other? Where will we eat lunch? How's the weather? Did I prepare the right clothes for Alicia? Oh, my gosh, is this really happening? Who do we need to say goodbye to?

I'm so thankful that one of our best friends, Heather, is coming down from Taipei to drive us back up. It is such a blessing to have such a rich community of people who are all jumping at the opportunity to do something, anything to help us out. Our cup truly overflows. I think having someone we're so comfortable with and familiar with to journey with us on this last leg before we transition into our new life will be a huge blessing.

Praying for peace for all of us as we prepare and finally make the move back home. Linda's been away from our house for almost 4 months now, so she's eager to see the condition that I've left it in. =) Alicia's never been outside the hospital before. Her whole life has been confined to two floors of a hospital. So I'm sure everything is going to be quite new for her. Pray that she'll find it exciting and not overwhelming. We'll finally be able to take her blindfold off for good, so she'll be able to see and experience things in a new way. Pray for me as I adjust to having my wife and daughter back in my daily life again. Pray that I will have wisdom on how to balance everything that needs to be taken care of.

As we leave I also think of the precious people that we've met here and will need to say goodbye to for now. I think of Fish - KaiGe's mom who has been on her journey much longer than we have. KaiGe, you'll remember, was Alicia's neighbor in the NICU. He was born over 6 months ago, and is actually quite a bit bigger than Alicia. But because of various medical problems, his stay has been extended. About a week ago, Kai-Ge was finally moved up to the SBR from the NICU, something that all of us have been hoping and praying for for awhile. Today, however, Kai-Ge is getting transferred back to the NICU because he needs more laser surgery for his eyes. Without the surgery, the chances are that he will go blind. But with the surgery he has a good chance for good vision. Pray that the surgery will go successfully and that he will be able to recover quickly and well. Pray that he'll be able to go home soon and that his family will have peace. Pray also that God would use this situation to draw them closer to him as they aren't believers yet.

I also think of all the nurses and doctors that we've gotten to know these past four months. Those of you who know Linda know that she's got an infectious personality that really easily wins people's hearts. The doctors and nurses have really grown an affinity for our family, especially Linda and little Alicia. Pray for them as we've noticed that they often work really hard. One observation I've made is that these health professionals often trade their own health to take care of and provide health for their patients. Pray that God would protect them and keep them strong so they can continue to do the vital work that they do.

I also think of my dear sister-in-law, her husband, her kids, and her in-laws. All of whom have been God-sends. As I mentioned in my last post, they've let us live in their house for four months with no complaint. Gloria, my sister-in-law was so vital those first few days before and after Alicia was born. There is no way that we could ever repay this family for their kindness, but we do pray that God would remember what they have done for us and bless them richly for it.

God has been so, so faithful to us these past four months. And while I can't say that I didn't struggle, I know that through it all he has carried us through. During those moments when I was exhausted, and just wanted to go into a cave and hide, he held me. During those days when I couldn't hold it together anymore, he brought comfort through people and circumstances.

Life is so, so much more precious to me than it was before. And we will never take our precious daughter for granted, for she is a true gift and treasure. The fact that she is alive today is by no means a small miracle.

To God be the glory!


  1. My heart overflows as I read this post. Can't even imagine how you guys are feeling right now! What an incredible day. :)

  2. Amen and Amen! We are rejoicing with you. Take lots of pictures! We can't wait to meet you, Alicia Mei Mei!